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ADA Transition Plans

As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), each of the communities within Madison County, as well as the county itself, has drafted an ADA Transition Plan.

The overall purpose of these plans is to guide government entities toward ADA compliance in order to provide all residents an equal access to programs and services offered by each entity. Each of the plans establishes a timeline for the individual community’s public facilities to be modified, as well as outlines the detailed modifications that are required within each facility. Also within each plan is an overview of the legislative mandate, an explanation of how the information was collected, and a guideline for monitoring the plan for successful implementation.

We welcome comments and concerns on any and all of the plans. Comments can be sent via mail or email to Ryan Phelps, rphelps@mccog.net or

Ryan Phelps
Madison County Council of Governments
16 E. 9th Street, Room 100
Anderson, Indiana 46016

You are welcome to leave general comments about program and service compliance or a direct comment about the document. Please include an explanation of the location in the document the comment is referring to (i.e. page number, left/right column, paragraph), if the comment is about the document, as well as your name.

Transition Plans:
City of Alexandria
City of Anderson

Town of Chesterfield
Town of Daleville
Town of Edgewood
City of Elwood
Town of Fortville
Town of Frankton
Town of Ingalls
Town of Lapel
Madison County
Town of Markleville
Town of Orestes
Town of Pendleton
Town of Summitville

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