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The Madison County Council of Governments (MCCOG) is a cooperative, regional planning organization, funded in part by Alexandria, Anderson, Daleville, Elwood, Pendleton, and Madison County, Indiana. Our charter agreement was signed in May 1969 in recognition of the need for cross-community cooperation geared toward the solution of common problems faced throughout the region (Madison County, Indiana, Fortville, Indiana, and Daleville, Indiana).

MCCOG is also the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the region. MPO’s are federally mandated and funded transportation policy-making organizations. Under federal law, MPO’s are required to allocate scarce federal and other transportation dollars, conduct long-range planning activities that reflect the regions shared vision for the future, and examine the regions future and investment alternatives through a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative process. In other words, MPOs plan for the future through intergovernmental collaboration, rational analysis, and consensus-based decision making.

The prime purpose of the Council of Governments is to increase communication, cooperation, and coordination among local governments in planning and implementing programs to meet mutual challenges and problems. Each local government has the opportunity for involvement in policy making and programming of MCCOG.

The Council of Governments is advisory in nature and lacks the normal governmental powers of taxation, regulation, and operation of public facilities. Instead, its purpose is to provide a forum for dialogue and joint decision-making within a regional context. MCCOG has no direct power to implement these decisions. We must rely on the representatives of local governments to see that these decisions become a reality.

Nonetheless, the Council of Governments is an instrument of local government and the programs the agency undertakes are tailored to meet the specific needs of its member units of government.

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739 Main Street
, Indiana 46016


1. To carry on a continuing comprehensive planning program

2. To study governmental problems common to two or more members

3. To promote cooperative arrangements and to coordinate action between members

4. To make recommendations and review the actions of members and other agencies which may affect the entire regional area

5. To serve as an information clearinghouse in regard to federal, state, county, and local services available

6. To act as a liaison among members and other agencies in the preparation, review, and maintenance of a Comprehensive Development Plan for the region.


Executive Director
Office Manager
Susan Drinkut Administrative Assistant
Robert Wertman, AICP, PTP
Principal Transportation Planner
Transportation Planning Tech
Principal Transportation Planner
Senior Planner
Cory Ramsey
Transportation Planning Tech
Sean Morse
Transportation Planning Tech
Housing Administrator
Principal Planner
Landscape Designer/ Planner
Senior Transportation Planner
Senior Transportation Planner
GIS Manager
Rene Lawson
GIS Analyst


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