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What is the Toolkit?   How do I Use the Toolkit?
Brought to you by the Madison County Council of Governments, the Community Toolkit is a guide to sustainable living. Feel free to explore a section of the document interactively on each page, or simply download the full PDF to view or print. Below you will find the tools necessary for you to view/print PDFs and explore the interactive documents.   The Toolkit is divided into the three main sections of sustainability; environment, equity, and economics. Within the environment and equity are various topics pertaining to science, technology, community amenities, and planning and development. Each of the topics is explained using a general definition as well as specific tools, steps, resources and examples. The economic section includes a cost evaluation of the topics found in the environment and the equity sections. The Toolkit is meant to read like a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section of a website or an encyclopedia. Users may browse the table of contents or index to find topics that are of particular interest or simply read through an entire section.

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Environment Equity Economics
Climate change and carbon footprints are issues that have to be addressed on all levels, whether it is on an individual level, at a community or neighborhood level, or a state or national level... Keeping money within your community allows you to reinvest in your community through your purchases, which may be helping out your neighbor’s business... This section is intended to offer specific cost information to aid in understanding the actual costs of ‘alternative’ options vs. traditional options...
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