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What is a MPO?

MPO stands for Metropolitan Planning Organization. A MPO is a transportation policy-making organization made up of representatives from local government and transportation authorities. In 1962, the United States Congress passed legislation that required the formation of an MPO for any Urbanized Area
(UZA) with a population greater than 50,000. Congress created MPOs in order to ensure that existing and future expenditures for transportation projects and programs are based on a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive (ā€œ3-Cā€) planning process. Federal funding for transportation projects and programs are channeled through this planning process. Statewide and metropolitan transportation planning processes are governed by Federal law (23 USC 134 and 135). As of 2005, there are 385 MPOs in the U.S.

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How does MCCOG affect me?
Because MCCOG works closely with cities and towns within Madison County, many of the projects you see in your own neighborhood could have been the work of MCCOG.

When and where does MCCOG meet?
MCCOG meetings take place in the Commissioner's Courtroom located in the Madison County Building. You may call our offices for the time and date of the next meeting.

What does MCCOG do?
The prime purpose of the Council of Governments is to increase communication, cooperation, and coordination among local governments in planning and implementing programs to meet mutual challenges and problems. This includes a multitude of projects from grant writing to website design. A complete list of services can be found on the "About Us" page.

How is MCCOG funded?
MCCOG is funded in part by Alexandria, Anderson, Elwood, Pendleton, and Madison County, Indiana. Additional funds are obtained through client-specific project fees.

Where can I find traffic count information?

Traffic count information is located under the "Projects" section of the "Transportation" page.

How do I order maps?
All maps and data are handled through our GIS Department. A list of available maps, data, and information can be viewed by visiting the "GIS" page and clicking on the "GIS Data" link under "MCCOG GIS Links". Map and data costs may be viewed by clicking on the "Data Costs" link on the same page. You may contact one of the GIS staff for additional information and map / data orders or you can submit a GIS Data Request Form by clicking HERE.

Who can I contact for more information?
For service-specific information you may contact any of the MCCOG "Staff Contacts" listed on the services page. Or for general questions you may contact the office by any means listed on the "Contact Us" page.

Why am I having difficulty viewing the website?
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