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The department recently acquired a subscription to ESRI’s Business Analyst Online, a tool that combines spatial, demographic, consumer, and market data to create reports, charts, graphs, and maps. This tool provides high quality data and analysis that is valuable for analyzing consumer behavior, optimal site selection, and it aids in critical decision-making for economic development, urban planning, and commercial real estate. Study areas can be selected by addresses, street intersections, zip codes, and/or latitude and longitude coordinates. Each study area can have up to 60 minute drive times and up to a 250-mile buffer zone. With Business Analyst, we can generate 6 main types of reports:

Tapestry Segmentation Area profile: Compares the top 20 Community Tapestry segments in a specified area, ranked by household percentage to the national counterpart. (Sample) 

Demographic Profile: Reveals current trends in population, household, and income data and provides five-year projections, illustrated with bar and pie charts. (Sample)

Consumer Expenditure: Provides information about consumer spending and buying habits for various products and services. (Sample)

Retail Marketplace Profile:  Identifies retail sales and retail potential dollar amounts; the Leakage/Surplus Factor, which measures the gap between supply and demand; and the number of businesses by industry (Sample)

Traffic Count Profile:  Describes traffic patterns around a specified location and displays 25 of the closest traffic counts for that location. (Sample)
State source? (ESRI)

To request a report (list of available reports) please contact MCCOG by phone or email.

The GIS department can also perform various types of analysis. The purpose of these analyses is to extract specific information from existing data. We can perform proximity analysis with single or multiple ring buffers measured from any point or area within the county. In addition, we can perform overlay analysis of two or more map layers to determine where the features intersect and show their relationship. We can determine the number of households or schools within a 2-mile radius of a specific location, or identify the number of commercially zoned parcels within an area.

Custom maps produced from existing data can be created by the GIS department at any scale for any geographic region within Madison County. For a nominal fee, these maps can be tailored to your specification and needs, and can include multiple layers such as aerial photographs, parcels, transportation, hydrology, zoning, and land use (Link to available data list?). Utilizing existing MCCOG software, maps can be created in any size or color. Previous requests have included zoning, county school districts, townships, and transportation maps. Maps can be sent electronically through e-mail, retrieved from the MCCOG office within the County Courthouse or mailed to you. Actual shipping cost will be applied to items mailed. (Map samples at bottom of screen: Transportation, Orthos?)

At the beginning of year, MCCOG launched its parcel and property search online mapping system. This interactive application utilizes a user-friendly interface to provide information about properties within the county. The application is available free of charge to the public. With this tool, you can search for parcels by owner name, PIN, and/or property address. You can also navigate around the map or zoom in and out to view information about parcels of interest such as land acreage and parcel dimensions. Queries return detailed information about parcels which includes the parcel Identification number, owner name and address, taxing unit, a brief legal description, and land and building value, among others. Print-outs of the search results which include the parcel information and a screen capture of the queried parcels and surrounding parcels are also available.


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