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Utilizing aerial photography and satellite imagery of existing county land, MCCOG's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialists can create, collect, store, analyze, interpret, maintain, manipulate, and display large amounts of geospecific data. GIS software allows the extraction of streets, building footprints, bodies of water, and other landmarks into layers, allowing the GIS specialists to create sophisticated landuse maps, topographic maps, transportation maps, and many more.

The strength of GIS lies in its ability to quickly facilitate decision and policy-making through the analysis of current, pertinent, and easily identifiable geographic information. GIS mapping is an essential component to present and future MCCOG projects including basemaps, bike and trail maps, and comprehensive planning efforts.

This service may be slow or down completely during the evenings and weekends during the Month of July as we run processes to improve this application. We greatly appreciate your patience!



Paul McBride
GIS Manager

René Lawson
GIS Analyst

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GIS Mapping


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Use of Data
No person shall modify the data contained on this web page without prior written permission from the MCCOG. Any public display of the maps or data from this web page must include the Disclaimer listed above. This site only allows for the viewing and printing of map data. No data downloading is permitted. If you wish to obtain copies of any of the data contained on this web page please contact the MCCOG at 765-641-9482.

Parcel Data
The property information available on this web site is meant to be for mapping reference purposes only. The parcel data was created from public records that are constantly undergoing changes. If questions or problems arise regarding the parcel data, please contact the Madison County Auditors Office by telephone at 765-641-9419.

County Zoning Data
The County Zoning information shown on this web site was provided by the Madison County Planning Commission. If you have any questions or comments regarding the County Zoning information, please contact the Planning Department at 765-641-9541. More information about the Madison County Planning Commission can be found at: Madison County Planning Department.

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