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Under the guidance of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the Madison County Council of Governments (MCCOG) is now required to conduct quarterly meetings to track all federally-funded transportation-related projects. The intent of this new federal requirement is to do (1) Improve Communication, (2) Ensure Projects Stay on Budget, (3) Ensure Schedule Stays on Track, and (4) Makes the QTR Planning Process Easier to Understand.  (See letter from the Federal Highway Administration.) 

The Quarterly Tracking Process will consist of a single meeting each quarter with MCCOG staff and the INDOT District LPA Coordinator during the month following each quarter (April, July, October, January).  Meeting schedules will be posted as they become available.

Each Local Public Agency (LPA) is required to have at least one Employee in Responsible Charge (ERC), certified by INDOT.  Similarly, each Planning or Engineering Consultant is also required to have an Employee in Responsible Charge (ERC), as certified by INDOT.  Both the LPA ERC and Consultant ERC for each project are required to attend these meetings.  Attendance is mandatory.

Prior to each quarterly meeting, each LPA will be required to complete and submit two (2) forms for each project:  (1) LPA Quarterly Project Update Form and (2) Milestones Form.  These forms must be completed digitally and submitted digitally to dbenefiel@mccog.net

For additional questions, please contact David Benefiel at dbenefiel@mccog.net or (765) 640-4201.

Quarterly Tracking Policy

David Benefiel, AICP
(765) 640.4201

QT Project Form
QT Milestones Form
QT Form Instructions

ERC Training Schedule '14

FHWA Letter - MPO Quarterly Tracking Meetings Requirement

ERC Program Requirements

Quarterly Tracking Forms

2018 QT Meeting Dates
Tuesday, January 23th;
Tuesday, April 10nd;
Tuesday, July 10th;
Tuesday, October 9th
Meeting times will vary.

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