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The Transportation Improvement Program or TIP, as it is commonly referred, is document outlining a four-year, multi-stage program of transportation improvements.  The TIP is composed of two parts:  (1) TIP Document and (2) TIP Project List.  The TIP includes all capital and non-capital surface transportation projects (or phases of projects) within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) proposed for funding under 23 U.S.C. and 49 U.S.C. Chapter 53, including transportation enhancements; Federal Lands Highway program projects; safety projects included in the State's Strategic Highway Safety Plan; trails projects; pedestrian walkways; and bicycle facilities.

The MPO, in cooperation with the State(s) and any affected public transportation operator(s), is responsible for developing a TIP for the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). The TIP covers a period of no less than four years, must be updated at least every four years, and must be approved by the MPO and the Governor.  The TIP expires when the FHWA/FTA approval of the STIP expires.  In nonattainment and maintenance areas (like the Anderson MPA), projects are subject to transportation conformity requirements.  The FHWA and FTA, as well as the MPO, must make a conformity determination on any updated or amended TIP, in accordance with the Clean Air Act requirements and the EPA's transportation conformity regulations (40 CFR part 93).

Current TIP Project List (2020-2023)
TIP Project List (2018-2021)
TIP Project List (2016-2019)
TIP Project List (2012-2015)

David Benefiel
Senior Transportation Planner



Quarterly Tracking

ERC Program Requirements


Project Eligibility Review Process
To adequately plan for the award of future MPO funds, each eligible LPA must provide information regarding proposed projects that they feel are necessary or important to their community.  The submittal process requires the completion of the following two (2) forms in a 2-Step Process.

Project Eligibility Review Policy

Project Eligibility Review Request Form – Step 1

Red Flag Investigation Policy

Project Prioritization Policy

Project Prioritization Matrix

Project Eligibility Review Request Form – Step 2

TIP Inclusion Process
As additional awards are received during the four-year period of the TIP, amendments must be made to TIP Project List to reflect these new projects.  To efficiently make additions to the TIP in a timely manner, a TIP Inclusion Policy was established on October 11, 2012.  Below you will find links of that policy, required forms, and a flowchart visually representing the process.

TIP Inclusion Policy

TIP Inclusion Policy Flowchart

TIP Inclusion Request Form

Local Matching Funds Verification Form

Change Order Policy
It is common for Federally-Funded Transportation Projects to require changes in project scope and timeline for a variety of reasons.  However, when projects do require changes, also known as a Change Order, the contracted Construction Inspector is required to submit a Change Order Request Form to INDOT for review.  Because of the potential effects upon project funding and delays that may indirectly affect project cost, the MCCOG now requires that all Change Orders be first submitted to the MPO for review prior to their submission to INDOT for approval.

Change Order Policy

TIP Amendment-Modification Process
Federally-Funded Transportation Projects often require changes in project scope and timeline for a variety of reasons sometimes because of a change order and sometimes because of an unforeseen issue.  When these changes are necessary, such as adding a new project phase, changing project scope, or adjusting the year the funds will be obligated; their entries in the TIP must be updated to acknowledge the change.  In order to ensure that these changes are made correctly and efficiently, a TIP Amendment-Modification Request Form must be submitted showing the project as it currently appears in the TIP and then showing how that project should look in the TIP.  Below you will find links to this policy and the required form that must be submitted.  Basic instructions are included on the form.

TIP Amendment Request Form

TIP Amendment-Modification Policy
TIP Amendment-Modification Request Form

TIP Documents
* SFY 2020-2023 Document (Approved 8/1/19)
* SFY 2018-2021 Document (Approved 3/27/18)

* SFY 2016-2019 Document (Approved 6/15/15)

* SFY 2012-2015 Document
* SFY 2009-2012 Document

* SFY 2008-2011 Document

TIP Amendments

Resolution Archive (Google Drive)

Annual List of Obligated Projects
* FY 2010 - 2019 Annual List of Obligated Projects
* FY 2011 Annual List of Obligated Projects
* FY 2010 Annual List of Obligated Projects
* FY 2009 Annual List of Obligated Projects


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