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Generally, to promote and preserve the historic character, associations, and architecture of Pendleton, Indiana and the surrounding area.
1. To promote the preservation of historic houses, buildings, and sites.
2. To facilitate educational services for people and groups interested in restoration or preservation of historic buildings and sites in the Pendleton area.
3. To facilitate educational services for people and groups interested in the history of the Pendleton area.

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HFC,PS Founders
HFC,PS Founders
National Register Dedication
Pendleton's Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places
Pendleton Ave
Pendleton Avenue - Looking North

...The new organization received help from several community leaders led by Charlene Daugherty, Letty Gray, Marilyn Watkins, and Maude Ward. They, along with many other town and rural residents, had an interest in the preservation of Pendleton and the study of its history.

When Indiana was admitted to the Union in 1816, the settlement by the falls, to be known as Pendleton, was within the area that was to become Madison County. There were many county firsts in that early settlement: the first white settler, the first white woman settler, the first white birth, the first blacksmith, the first religious organization - Pendleton  Methodist Episcopal Church, the first mill, and the first Madison County Courthouse. However, the most famous first was a national first.  In 1825, Pendleton was the first site in the nation in which three white men were hanged for killing Native Americans.

The HFC,PS Board of Directors, composed of the original five women, agreed with members and friends that the history, architecture, and sites should be preserved for future generation to study, appreciate, and enjoy. Professional help was sought through Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, the second largest state preservation foundation in the USA, second only to the National Trust.

Michael Carter, HLFI, suggested that HFC,PS incorporate and become a 501c(3) organization.  As legal steps were taken, the group was advised to apply for the National Register of Historic Places designation. This national honor would tell the public that Pendleton did, indeed, have valuable history, architecture, and sites worthy of preservation.

A flurry of activity ensued as HFC,PS Inc. focused on National Register designation. It was necessary to raise funds so an accredited consultant, Laura Thayer, could be hired to lead the group through the process. Thus, generous members and residents lent their homes to several successful home tour fundraisers.

One of the most important requirements for the National Register designation was to prove community support.  The Pendleton Town Council proved that growing support when they proclaimed the Town of Pendleton a Historic District on June, 1989.

The fact that the National Register honor has no rules or restrictions, unless federal funds are involved, won the hearts and enthusiasm of the community. In April 1991, business leaders, citizens, and HFC,PS Inc. members rallied to let state boards know there was wide-spread support for the designation.

Pendleton was officially placed on the State Register of Historic Sites and Structures on April 17, 1991, by the Indiana State Preservation Review Board on Historic Preservation; and, also, its National Register nomination was approved.  

Almost three years from the founding of Historic Fall Creek, Pendleton Settlement, June 27, 1991, the Department of natural Resources, Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology placed the entire town of Pendleton on the National Register. 

The unbounded joy felt by HFC,PS, Inc. members was expressed with a gift to the community: a settlement-style celebration at Falls Park, the place where the history of Pendleton began.

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