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Transportation has been an integral part of the activities of the Madison County Council of Governments since its inception over 30 years ago. Having developed a keen understanding of both the technical and regulatory requirements needed to accomplish both long and short-term tasks, MCCOG's specialists can tackle any number of transportation and transit-related issues.

The Council of Governments understands the sometimes complex interrelationship between land use and transportation. Because transportation is so vital to today's economic vitality, it is imperative that transportation and land use planning complement one another to achieve the movement of people and goods in an expeditious and environmentally sound manner. The Madison County Council of Governments maintains excellent relationships with transportation leaders and has long-term experience with all levels of government in dealing with the regulatory and legal issues essential to successful transportation planning and implementation.

Metropolitan Planning Area & Urbanized Area Boundary Map

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Unified Planning Work Program FY 2019 & FY 2020

Performance Measure Targets

ATTENTION: The Madison County Council of Governments (MCCOG) Transportation Planning Department has discontinued the publication of the static traffic count maps. The traffic count data is now accessible through the Transportation Systems Monitoring Program Public Client web application below. Traffic count data will be updated and added to this new system as it becomes available. For questions regarding the transportation systems monitoring program, please contact MCCOG at (765) 641-9482.

Traffic Counts Viewer
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Robert Wertman, AICP, PTP
Principal Transportation Planner

David Benefiel, AICP
Principal Transportation Planner


Ryan Phelps, AICP, PTP
Senior Transportation Planner


Brandon Kendera
Senior Transportation Planner


Sean Morse
Transportation Planning Technician


Cory Ramsey
Transportation Planning Technician


Indiana Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Transit Administration
Central Indiana Regional Transit Authority
Indianapolis MPO
Indiana Association of Regional Counicls (IARC)
Bicycle Indiana
Indiana Road Construction
National Center for Bicycling and Walking


Complete Streets



* Access Studies
* Bike/Pedestrian Planning
* Corridor Studies
* Functional Class
* Intersection Analysis
* Project Programming
* Rail Lines and Crossings
* Rail Studies
* Thoroughfare Planning
* TIP Maps & Projects
* Traffic Forecasting
* Traffic Impact Studies
* Traffic Modeling
* Transit/TRAM
* Volume Counts


1. Central IN 9 County Air Quality Conformity Analysis (2009)
__* Conformity Analysis Protocol
2. Delaware County Air Quality Conformity Analysis (2009)
__* Conformity Analysis Protocol
Anderson Downtown Parking Study
4. Madison County Intermodal Study
5. Madison County Bicycle Pedestrian Facilities Plan
6. CIRTA - Rural & On-Demand Transportation Study
__- Executive Summary

__- Final Report



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