Welcome to the business Clean Air Dare! The ultimate goal of this challenge is to reduce as much air emissions as possible so that our lives get healthier and happier. Businesses emit substantial amounts of air pollution in Indiana, but they also have the greatest potential to reduce them. The Clean Air Dare campaign proposes dares that can help companies reduce their air emissions. Join us in the community effort to clean our air. Clean Air Dare is only the first step in the effort to clean our air quality.


Business Clean Air Dare consists of five steps:

  1. Pledge. Pledging period is September 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016. During this time, companies need to choose dares that they will complete and pledge to accomplish them. (You can view a list of dares on this page.)
  2. Register. Register your company as a participant in Clean Air Dare challenge below.
  3. Complete the dare. Dare completion period is February – April 1, 2016. During this period, businesses should start accomplishing the dares and record their results.
  4. Celebrate! A good challenge needs a great celebration. We will use your reports about dare accomplishments to determine award recipients and celebrate your achievements in May, 2016.
  5. Dare others. Once companies accomplish their dare(s), they can start daring other companies to clean our air.


This challenge is only the beginning of the annual Clean Air Dare Challenge. We would like to make it an annual event. You can continue accomplishing the dare(s) and pledging new dares year-long that will be counted towards the next round of the Clean Air Dare Challenge.



Transportation Dares

I dare you to...

  • Make it easy for employees to walk or to bike to work by providing bike racks and shower facilities
  • Encourage employees to brown bag their lunch or walk to lunch rather than driving
  • Offer incentives to employees who utilize alternative modes of transportation for their work commute
  • Offer telecommuting as an option for employees who can do some of their work from home
  • Provide incentives for employees to rideshare (carpooling)
  • Choose lower emissions/hybrid-electric vehicles when purchasing/leasing company vehicles


* Be sure to track your mileage if completing one of these dares! (Google maps can help with this.)



Electricity Dares
I dare you to...

  • Conduct an energy audit and reduce energy consumption.
    • There are many places where a building can be wasting energy. For example, a museum in Illinois paid $80,000 for gas (heating) annually. After the energy audit, changes to building operations were made and the bill went down to $40,000. 50 % is quite a substantial annual saving! (
  • Reduce energy consumption by:
    •  Switching off AC when people do not need it
    • Switching off equipment when not in use
    • Switching incandescent lights to CFLs or LED
    • Changing your equipment to energy star approved equipment
    • Installing a programmable thermostat
    • Using a power strip
  • Allow employees to dress casually during hot summer days to reduce the use of air conditioners


Track: Provide a copy of your monthly electricity and gas bill for the past 2 years and the year when you start implementing changes to see if your energy consumption has been reduced. Also, report annual number of employees and production volumes (if applicable).