Welcome to the Clean Air Dare, a fun friendly competition with prizes that aims to clean our air.

People and companies can effectively and quickly clean air by reducing car travel and electricity use.

The more people participate, the quicker we can improve our air.

So let’s get the #CleanAirDare ball rolling fast and grow a #CleanAirDareCommunity!


Air pollution can damage trees, crops, lakes, animals and poses a serious threat to people’s health; especially for vulnerable groups like children, pregnant women, elderly and people with respiratory diseases. The EPA administers the Clean Air Act which sets limits on certain air pollutants, including setting limits on how much can be in the air anywhere in the United States. Madison County is considered in a ‘maintenance air-shed’ meaning the air pollutant limits just meet the current EPA Standards. There are lots of ways to reduce air pollution. The Madison County Council of Governments created the Clean Air Dare challenge to inform people about their air quality and how they can help improve air quality all the while having fun and earning rewards and prizes.